Thursday, January 31, 2008

Domain Registration

The 'domain name' business is becoming more and more competitive these days. No one company monopolizes this business. Domain names can now be purchased from many different companies. So while choosing the proper domain name is of utmost importance, we do well to consider the question is, "Does it matter which domain registrar I choose?"

Actually the answer is yes, it does. Although domain registration by any registrar gives you the same ownership rights to a domain name, registrars' service and features vary greatly. Some offer free DNS service (the "phone book" for the Internet by translating human-readable computer hostnames, e.g., into the IP addresses, e.g. and free web forwarding (redirect to another webpage), others do not. Some offer better support than others. If you need to make name or address changes to your registration, transfer and renewal or have questions about your domain name, you will need to deal with the registrar who reserved the name. Before you deal with a new company, you might want to contact them to judge their level of service, to see how responsive they are to your questions.

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