Friday, January 25, 2008

Feast One Hundred & Seventy Seven

How many times per day do you usually laugh?

I don't really count. It also depends on the company I am having and what is the occasion, I suppose. If there is a celebration going on or friends are around, definitely more than on normal days.

What do your sunglasses look like?

I don't have any sunglasses at the moment.

You win a free trip to anywhere on your continent, but you have to travel by train. Where do you go?

Malaysia is not that big. I live in Selangor (see map). I will perhaps go down south to Johor and then visit Singapore (not my country) which is just across the causeway.

Main Course
Name one thing you consider a great quality about living in your town/city.

Eating out is cheap. There are a variety of dishes due to the multi racial society here. This is a "feast" topic after all.

If the sky could be another color, what color do you think would look best?

I would still prefer blue. It was chosen by the Creator. Besides, blue soothes and has a calming effect.


  1. i want to go to asia pacific countries.

    happy weekends!

  2. Nice post. I would LOVE to get to know Malaysia and Singapore. I have a friend who travels there for work very often, and has told me wonderful things about both countries.

    My post is here. Happy WW!

  3. Malaysia is a lovely place! Great feast! Come join mine :)

    Happy Friday!