Friday, January 25, 2008

Personal Finance Blog- Review

I came across a blog that is dedicated to achieving financial freedom instead of slaving away in jobs they hate. Free the Drones is a blog about personal finance and the aim is to help, guide and discuss ways to achieve financial freedom. The blogs deals with a variety of topics related to money matters.

For example this post about
saving money with coupons helps us rethink about whether using discount coupons really saves us money or not. It explains and discusses why companies print out coupons in the first place, which is to entice more customers and persuade people to buy because they think they are saving money buying a certain product. Come to think of it, if you buy at product even at 50% discount, you save 50% of the regular price. But if you DON'T buy the product when you don't need it, you save 100%, right? So base on this reasoning, we are actually losing money when we use coupons to purchase things that we don't really need.

The post goes on to show how we can avoid the trap of buying unnecessarily thinking we are saving money using coupons. Feel free to browse the site and discuss the topic at their forum.

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