Thursday, January 10, 2008

Free videos on trading news

Now this is something which is a little different from what I used to write about. This is something that I occasionally got in my email because I do subscribe to some business news and blogs that featured business and trading news in Foreign Exchange (Forex) etc. I would like to introduce to you the site INO TV which is a product of (

This is a free resource for traders in the form of videos that features real business conferences that traders and business people spend thousands to attend. Mr. J. Adam Hewison, the President of had created this new learning platform to share with you proven trading concepts to help you achieve your financial goals. There are much information on
equities, forex, mutual funds, precious metals, commodities and other trading news.

There is no need to download the videos as they are streamed from the company's servers. So all you need really is sit back and enjoy the movie but you will definitely learn a thing or two and yes, for free.

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