Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kidney stone and herbal remedies

Onesome: Kidney--beans? Lima Beans? Pinto beans? Which legumes do you like to cook with? Hmmm... A hot pot of chili sounds good this week!

If I can cook, lima beans sounds nice as a hot pot of chili.

Twosome: Stones?-- Monoliths? Pebbles? Do you use any of these in decorating? Heck, we'll even count marbles in vases!

No, I don't use any stone decoration in my home.

Threesome: and herbal remedies-- Hey, there's a good one: do you have any herbal remedies for us to try? Anything? I'm betting this bunch will have a trick or two to work with!

I guess I just drink chamomile tea for relaxation if that counts.

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