Friday, January 11, 2008

The Rain

1. Do you like it when it rains? Why/why not?

Both I guess. I like the rain when it cools down the temperature but when it gets too heavy, it causes floods and I can't go out to get my things done.

2. Do you have a rainy season where you live (most people do)? If so, when is it, and how long does it last?

Generally we (Malaysians) have heavier than usual rain fall during the north-east monsoon blows between October and March and from May to September we are affected by the south-west monsoon. But these days it rains almost the whole year through regardless of the wind changes. Nevertheless, it is really unusual to have a day without sunshine as well. So we have rain and shine all year round with temperature averaging 30˚C.

3. What do you least like about rain? Why?


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