Monday, January 07, 2008

Kangaroo Mother Care

In some countries, the survival rate of premature babies is alarmingly low. So there is a method devised that is called "kangaroo mother care." Babies with low birth weights are often placed in the warm environment of an incubator, where they remain until they have gained weight. However in some areas, overcrowded facilities, poor sanitation, and a shortage of medical personnel and equipment often result in dangerous cross infections.

So what is this kangaroo mother care and how does it work? When a baby is born prematurely, it is cared for in the standard way until its condition stabilizes. In the meantime, the mother receives training in child care. When the baby is sufficiently healthy, the mother becomes a living incubator. This is done by keeping her baby close to her, wrapped vertically with baby slings between her breasts. Safe in its kangaroolike pouch, the baby stays warm and can easily be fed its mother’s milk. Hence, the method is often called kangaroo mother care.

Of course with these comfortable and stylish baby slings,
it is still suitable for use even when the child has grown to approximately 35 lbs.

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