Thursday, January 31, 2008

Long ago and Far Away

Onesome: Long ago-- I was sure I would become a _ _ _ _ _ _ when I grew up! Hmmm...

Teacher, architect, accountant, psychiatrist but teacher came as close as it gets.I was teaching tuition part time to primary school students.

Twosome: and-- how did you end up where you are (currently) if that didn't happen? (Students, you can talk majors and changes and such!)

I teach tuition to support my volunteer service at the church.I needed a part time job to devote more time to spiritual pursuits. Nevertheless, I was not well for a while and I had to stay home more than the usual. I was bored and depressed. So I tried to surf the internet to see what I can do to earn money. I didn't have any experience about online stuff and neither did I take up any course to learn computer terms. It was all through trial and error. I joined forums and asked lots of questions. That took up a lot of time but I was occupied.

Threesome: Far Away-- from any thoughts of the Super Bowl? Are you tuning in? No? Whatcha' doin' instead

I am not interested in much sports. I don't watch TV either. I can surf online or watch some online movies if I am in the mood. Otherwise, I have dvd player on my laptop and I can watch some of the older movies.

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