Sunday, January 27, 2008

Office filing cabinets and bookcases

The adage "there is always room for improvement" is especially true for organizing your office space. See, room needs to be improved. Pardon the pun but it is what I have in mind about improving the office space in my study room. I work from home so it is very necessary to keep things in order so as not to clutter up my small apartment. At the moment I use plastic ones but wouldn't mind looking into some other types of filing cabinets.

If space is not a constrained, I would like filing cabinets that gives wide spaces rather than going higher. This is for easy location of the files. Steel cabinet is more durable than the wooden ones obviously but if I can choose, wooden ones always gives a more homely feeling but the steel ones will give a more professional look if one is looking for office furniture. Nevertheless, these days wooden cabinets are looking so good and they come with a 8 year guarantee too while the metal ones have up to 15 years of guarantee.

There is definitely room for bookcases wherever I go. It is a matter of getting smaller or bigger ones to suit my needs but there must be a book shelf. I find the small sized glazed bookcases really neat and nice. Having them covered either with glass windows or wooden doors will keep the dust out for longer period of time.

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