Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stretch Marks Solution

You know there is a down side to dieting and controlling one's weight? That is having stretch marks. The first time I saw these marks on my belly, I thought I was having some other skin out break again. I don't have children so I am not even aware of what are stretch marks. As I became more aware about this matter, I looked for ways to prevent stretch marks.

Apparently, not all products are effective and there is a high percentage of one getting scammed with fake creams that are more like moisturizer than preventing stretch marks. The key to effective stretch mark creams is the ability to support and repair collagen that we have. Collagen is the support of infrastructure for our skin. Like all beauty products, some websites will push certain brands of stretch mark cream for revenue purposes rather than the effectiveness of the product.

There are some tests that had been conducted by a personnel of a hair and skin salon which they had great success using the revitol stretch mark cream. The price of the cream at $159.95 for 6 months supply is considerably lower than other brands. There are also comparisons of other brands at the site. Check in to see the cases being conducted and the result of the effectiveness of the creams mentioned. Then we can make an informed decision about which stretch mark creams to get.

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