Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Simple Ways to Publicize Your Blog

According to this video at WebProNews, there are simple ways that you can publicize your blog. Some gists that I had gathered here are:

1. Create a great about us or about me page so others can know what products or services you are in and what you are writing about. This can draw similar niche people to your blog.

2. Leave comments to blogs that have similar niche or products. This will have a twofold effect:
  • When people read your comment, they might be intrigue to check out your blog.
  • If you are new to that blog, that is a nice way to introduce yourself and your blog.
3. Be utterly passionate about your topic. Visitors and readers know it.

4. Be aware to Alert Analysts, Target Media, to the industry that you are working with. This is to get them to follow your blog.

5. Syndication

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