Tuesday, February 05, 2008

5 reasons I love/hate the Groundhog

This is a tag by OneLuvGurl. Though I am not from the USA, I would do this and pretend groundhogs are like the big rats in the city underground tunnels. I would need to also pretend if ever Malaysia would come up with a Big Rat Day. Hahaha... (nervous laughter)

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5 reasons I love/hate the Groundhog after listing 5 reasons (no rules in listing reasons), tag 5 people plus giving credit to the tagger.

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I join the "hate" brigade for this animal or rather more appropriately the Groundhog Day associated with it.

1. Not sure about groundhogs but rats bring disease.

2. According to wikipedia, on Groundhog Day, the belief about forecasting the continuation of winter and seeing shadow of groundhog sounds silly. I don't know any folklore associated with rats either.

3. Hmm...some other beliefs and traditions about Groundhog Day is associated with paganism. This is all gathered from wikipedia as I have not heard about this celebration before this tag.

4. There are already many public holidays here in Malaysia without any specific ones attributed to animals, so more holidays will really disrupt the productivity of the country. (This is purely MY personal speculation). In addition to that having a day devoted to an animal may caused other "animals" or animal lovers to come up with other "special" days to commemorate too. For example the Chinese zodiac has 12 animals to begin with...

5. There are NO four seasons here in Malaysia. No need for a rodent to tell us the length of winter.

I tag Jessie, Jenn, Shirl, Mica, and Genny.


  1. Hello Serena!Thanks for thinking of me at this tag. However, it is mytic.blogspot.com's url that is being read at my name.

    Maybe on your next tags?
    Thanks again.
    Take care!