Tuesday, February 05, 2008

10 Things You Can Do Instead of Watching TV

1. Read a book or magazine.

2. Go out and meet up with relatives or friends.

3. Take some photos which might come in handy for a blog post later on.

4. Window shopping. Actually I prefer to browse at bookshops.

5. Clean the house which can double up as exercise too.

6. Blog and surf the internet.

7. Start a new hobby. Still contemplating and nothing fancies me at the moment.

8. Play sudoku which is getting very addictive for me.

9. Sleep or just rest and do nothing. Sometimes, I can't sleep well at night and I will just lie down for a nap in the afternoon to rest my mind.

10. Learn how to cook.

PS: I really don't have a television now and I seldom play any vcd or dvd on my laptop these days either. Of the 10 things listed, mostly I spend my time working on my blog, social networking on the internet, read books and play the radio on my mobile phone, and yes, play sudoku online as well. Occasionally I would go window shopping (at the bookshop) about twice or thrice a month, I do grocery shopping once a week though at the hypermarkets in the mall (very big mall).


  1. Great list!

    Mine is now up, too:

  2. I love Sudoku! Mine is up, too. Oh yeah... I blog tagged you.Come see! :)

  3. Great list. I love the Sudoku too. And I spend a lot of time taking photos. Happy Tuesday!

  4. Oh! I should have added SuDoku to my list... Good one!