Sunday, February 10, 2008

Do jugde a book by its Good cover

Although we hear the common saying of "Don't judge a book by its cover" many times, it may be applicable when it is applied to a person since we need to know a person well to bring the friendship to the next level. However, in a business presentation what the customer holds in his hand, the feel and quality of our presentations in the printed form does convey the message whether we are showing professionalism in our field or not. A good professional looking presentation will ensure the customers that we treat them as valued customers.

Coverbind Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bindomatic A.B., a Swedish corporation currently doing business in 40 countries worldwide. Coverbind has been continuously providing their patented covers and binding machines to customers in North and South America for over twenty years. They continue to improve and enhance their supplies and productivity to cater for their customers' binding operations.

Their machines can help produce the amount of documents that you need, may it be one or two documents or thousands of copies. They will look equally professional and high quality in appearance no matter the amount of copies made. Coverbind has paid attention to the details that make your printed materials look good. The wordings, how the binding machines are being used to bind the material and the colours of the covers are all custom made to suit your company's needs. You can also opt for the ready stock in a variety of styles and colours. The machines are are now able to process digital print format to ensure high quality printed materials.

Many corporations in different fields such as the insurance industry that requires a lot of paperwork, accounting firms, the government sector, education, real estate, financial and others can do well to consider Coverbind machines to mange their in-house quality covers and book binding supplies.


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  2. Thanks for your concern. :)


  3. Yes I agree however the system from BSA is excellent. They offer both soft and hard cover and they work great. I never have any trouble with the first or last sheet not binding in.