Thursday, February 14, 2008

Need a break

I feel stressed out. My body is feeling it. My eczema is breaking out. There has been a teeny weeny financial challenge last weekend and I was a little concerned. Hubby was getting a new motorbike and we had a little difficulty in our financial turnover. Anyway, I guess there are other ways to beat stress.

I was reading some book about beating stress. We all know the drill but it helps that someone brings it up again once in a while. So here goes:

  • > Develop healthy habits in diet, sleep, and exercise. I wish I can be more resolve with the exercise thing. Even my sleep pattern is disrupted with the eczema outbreak. Food is another of my weakness.
  • > Invest time to build healthy relationships.
  • > Pay attention to your spiritual needs.
  • > When unexpected crisis catches you off guard, give yourself a break.
  • > Cut out nonessentials, and take the time you need to get back your feet on solid ground.

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