Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Stylish Bedroom Sets

I don't remember ever owning or having a sleigh bed before because I typically use mattresses only after my marriage. Sleigh bed is practical too for cleaning purposes. It airs the bed by providing ventilation and circulation around the bed and you can clean the floor underneath the bed easier than if the mattresses were on the floor itself. My dream bedroom set would be something like the Contemporary Rich Satin Leather Sleigh Bedroom Furniture on the right. Perhaps after years of sleeping on just the mattresses beds without the footboards looked more "spacious". I can just imagine myself kicking my toes with the footboards there. But that is just me. I would indeed prefer the King Beds too.

Some of the beds are just so innovative with lots of storage spaces and bookcase drawers. Hmm...sounds like what I really could use too. Look at the Espresso Bookcase Storage Bedroom Set Furniture here. You can see the number of books or stuff you can keep and treasure in the drawers of this bedroom set. It comes with a Queen Bed, nightstand, dresser, mirror, chest and armoire which can be purchase separately or as a set.

Do you feel like jazzing up your bedroom? What about adding some animal motif furnitures? This zebra chair can blend nicely with the above mentioned bedroom sets and make the bedroom look more alive and wild!

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