Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hotels in Cities of Italy

Finding the right accommodations when you are traveling in another country is a very serious matter. If we are not going with a tour package, we should find reputable lodgings and hotels for our safety and peace of mind when we are in a foreign country. We should spend some time to read some Hotel reviews before proceeding with our bookings. If you want your trip to be more successful and enjoyable, you can also discuss your itinerary or exchange travel experiences with people that have been to the places that you planned to visit.

For example, take a look at the reviews for the hotels in Rome. You have San Anselmo which has the guest rating of 9.4 out of 25 reviews. The guests are really satisfied with the services, cleanliness, rooms, front desk, and the location of the hotel. Some guests write about their pleasant experiences with the helpful and attentive staff, enjoyed the food and beautiful ambiance of the hotel. This can serve as a guideline for what to look for when we search for suitable accommodations.

Let us now go to Hotels in Florence Italy. The Albergotto Hotel has an average rating of 9.6 from 26 hotel reviews. One of the guests gave it a 10 for all of the criteria mentioned above. Whether it is the pricing of the rooms, the location, cleanliness and the general well maintained appearance, guests are satisfied with it. Many guests would not hesitate to go back to this hotel again if they are in Florence.

What about Hotels in Milano Italy? Hotel Star has the highest guest ratings with an average of 9.1. Guests are happy with the rooms, location of the hotel, it is quiet inside the rooms though in the busy city, and the hotel looked nice. Guests that had stayed there recommend it. Residence Corte Grimani rank first in the Venice hotels review.

Please read the reviews to make an informed decision before booking.

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