Saturday, February 09, 2008

One way to beat stress

One thing that can add stress is clutter. I don't realize this myself but it is true. For example, when a watch stopped or a vase chipped where do they usually end up? What about the vacuum cleaner that is making sounds that can only be described as captive rodent crying for help? The tendency is to set it aside hoping that it will miraculously fix itself. One just need to organize these into a "fix-it" box.

Set a time period such as a week to deal with what's in the box. Schedule larger projects for weekend projects. Minor repairs or calling a professional for an appointment takes just a few minutes. We just need to get to it and do it right away. Putting it off will give it the power to intimidate you. If the item is too far gone, don't waste time on it, budget for a replacement.

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