Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tea For Two

Onesome: Liquid-- is falling from the skies this time of year. Be it rain or snow or fog, what's late Winter looking like at your place?

No four seasons here in Malaysia. Usually at this time of the year, it is hot. The haze is back now and air pollution is bad.

Twosome: Drops -- of sweetener? ...or teaspoons of sugar (okay, tablespoons)? What do you use to make iced tea and other drinks acceptable?

I take 2-3 teasppons of brown sugar and creamer for my coffee. I seldom take tea.

Threesome: Bandage-- your owies with a spray or with drops? Have you seen these liquid, no sting, bandage drops yet? Man, I'm thinking these may be ideal to have when you're out and about with kidlets!

No, I have not seen liquid bandage drops.

Missed last week's questions.

Onesome: Tea-- leaves and fortune tellers? Is there anything you do out of habit because of old sayings? not stepping on cracks or staying home on Friday the Thirteenth? ...or eating chocolate on Valentine's Day?

No, I don't.

Twosome: for-- every time you make it to work or class or an appointment on time, how many times are you late? Just curious...

Hmm...perhaps 9:1. Most of the time punctual and late only if there were some unforeseen circumstances.

Threesome: Two-- weeks and the next day is only there twenty-five percent of the time! Does Leap Year have any special meaning to you? ...or is it just one more day of the week?

It just makes me think of those folks who were born on the 29 th February. Although I don't celebrate birthdays but the day of birth for these people comes only once every 4 years. A little weird feeling.

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