Thursday, February 21, 2008

Garage and sheds

Lidget Concrete Garages

Car theft is not that uncommon anymore these days. After my car was stolen, I too think how good it is if I can have a secure garage for my car and hubby's motorbike. Garages can be used in many ways besides keeping our vehicles, machines, tools and even toys safe. For example, this interesting looking shed Timber Apex with Red brick front posts (photo on the right) if made as an adjoining garage with wider space can very well serve as a guest room with assured privacy and exclusivity.

When my hubby's brother newly got married, he and his new wife actually rented an adjoining space, ok garage if you want to call it that, which is just another smaller space next to a big bungalow. It is still within the premises, so there is no need for extra permit. It really worked out well for a young couple. Sometimes it really depends on our mindset like whether we feel bad or humiliated living in the garage but then there are even homeless people and those who lived under the bridge. What about them?

When we choose good attractive designs of garages and sheds that compliment our homes, it can also increase the value of our property. At Lidget Concrete Garages, you can be assured of the reliable, versatile, and durable garages, shed, cottages that can be of service to you for many years to come.

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