Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Telemarketing Services

So you have the most fantastic product or services that should be well sought after by the masses. You did some surveys and targeted a selected group of potential customers. You make your calls and the result of it all? Cold calls and nothing forthcoming. Worse still is that those people you called told you they were not interested but then bought from your competitors! Where did you go wrong?

If this is your current situation, do not despair. Telemarketing UK is just the company that you need to help you get those warm leads, setting up appointments for your sales team and most importantly keep a follow up to ensure that your company always have loyal customers that will keep coming back. They specialize in telemarketing for:

  • Lead generation - keeping in check detailed records and management of your targeted customers, providing follow ups and keeping up with key decision makers in your industry.
  • Database cleaning - Manual screening of your files and updating mailing and contacts details to prepare for future business dealings. These can help in managing new campaigns and ensure that new marketing ideas are not wasted.
  • Appointment setting - time is saved for your sales team when the appointments are managed effectively and efficiently. Factors such as who (relevant persons to meet for sales discussions), where (geographical location for the meeting and appointment) and what (information and data of potential customers that can be reuse later) are all gathered and presented for your perusal and benefit.
Please check the site for more details on how Telemarketing UK can be of service to you today.


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