Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Create traffic for your blogs or websites is a site that help promote your work across the wide cyber world. Whether you are a blogger blogging about your niche, promote your art, music, pictures, products and services to a wider audience, you can use BuzzFuse. Since the banner that you set up at your blog post or website, requires visitors to "participate" by casting a vote or even rating the post, you are actually engaging in your visitors and reader to provide you the feedback that can help you improve the quality of your writing, products or services. At your account, you can view the number of ratings, comments, click through and other essential statistics.

If you have over 30 people in your 'circle' and have registered more than 2 posts with Buzzfuse, you can win one of 1000 premium accounts (value ±$180.00) and earn money for each top-performing post you make. Terms & Conditions apply. Do give Buzzfuse a try, you have nothing to lose but more visitors to gain.

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