Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Donate a Boat to Help the Homeless Teens

Have you ever thought about how much your old boat is worth? I mean sometimes after the depreciation, we may wonder if it is worth the cost of repair and the time to maintain it? What if I told you that your old boat is worth the education and hope of a better future life of some homeless children? It is worth the value of giving needed help and education to anti-drugs documentaries? That would really be worth something far of greater value than monetary sense, don't you think so?

Angel Ministries is the root of Boat Angel, where they use boat donations to create children's animations and anti-drug documentaries. There are movies that you can watch online as well as free DVDs created to promote good morals, learn life's lessons, benefit from the quotes from nearly one-hundred well-respected leaders, authors, and states humanitarians. There are also projects to construct a permanent 5,000 square foot building, estimated cost upon completion $200,000 for the benefit and use of teen boys rehabilitation homes, help these young people get away from the influence of gangs, drugs, and the inner city and provide uplifting books into prisons.

Whether you are intending to donate a boat, car, plane, house or RV, there are also personal advantages to you. You can receive
your IRS tax deduction for the automobile, RV, boat, plane, or trailer. Pick up of the vehicle will be handled for you whether the vehicle is in running condition or not. All the hard work and hassle of scheduling towing, title transfers and your donation process is swift, and professional. The motto of "help us help others!" can be put to action through the site: http://www.carangel.com/

So if you have a boat to donate, please fill in the online form or contact the toll free number

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