Friday, March 14, 2008

Flu Edition

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1. What kind of patient are you? The demanding never happy kind, the leave me the h*ll alone kind, or the grateful kind? Or some combination of them?!

I would like some tender, loving, care when I am having flu. Like have my hubby sit by the bedside and hold my hand for a while. But most of all I need sleep when I am having flu.

2. Are you a good nurse, or do sick people make you want to run for it?

I don't think I am a good nurse. When I think of how I wanted hubby to be by my side when I am not well, he doesn't want company at all. I can give him a drink of water or hot chocolate if he is up to it but mostly he wants to rest alone. As for experiences with other people, I still think I am not a good nurse.

3. What is your favorite remedy for the flu?

I just take flu tablet and rest.

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