Thursday, March 13, 2008

Online Banking Services

Did you know that these days credit cards are not just used for shopping or paying for your meal at a restaurant? For example there are charity and sports club credit cards that takes into considerations about the environment and atmosphere of our planet earth. What I mean is, some cards are specially made PVC-free plastic so that when the cards are incinerated, they do not release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. So you help protect the environment when you use these type of credit cards instead.

There are also specific credit cards that will apportion some of the amount we spend on our credit cards for charity purposes. These are actually contributions from the credit card company to the charity or sports organizations on our behalf and we will not be charged extra. We just need to have a credit card with the particular organization. We may be an active supporter for breast cancer organizations, environment and nature lover, or any other charity and sports organizations there are certain credit cards that will donate to these foundations when we purchase from a certain credit cards. For more information and details, you can refer to charity and sports club credit cards.

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