Thursday, April 03, 2008

20 months and 600 posts

Hurray, after spending 20 months on this blog, I am finally at my 600th post! partyI have learned a lot from my fellow bloggers, made many friends as well. It has been fun and I would say worthwhile. There were times that I feel like giving up, but what I did instead was took a break instead. The encouragement, comments and visits from friends and social networkers helped me greatly to stay on course. Sometimes even blog hoppers who dropped by just to say "nice blog" is so refreshing.
smiley #551

I appreciate greatly my sponsors and advertisers from various sectors and fields of their expertise who has given me the opportunity to represent them in my blog. Their contribution directly or indirectly had brought many visitors and made my blog more colourful than my very monotonous life.
big grin Thank you once again to everyone.

Sincere regards,

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