Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creative Adventure XII

1. While walking in my neighborhood I notice a dead end street that I haven't seen before. My curiosity getting the best of me I decide to walk down to the end. While almost at the end I notice that it was not a dead end after all. In fact it opens into a narrow path that leads to a cottage. What caught my eye though was that there is a huge garden just by the side of the cottage.

2. In the garden there is a maze. Thinking it would be fun I decide to try out the maze and see where exactly it leads to.

3. Now a little worried that I might be lost in the maze I turn the next row and see a small pond right in the middle of the maze. I have the urge to dip my fingers into the water and feel the coolness of the water. As I touch the water, I feel younger and lighter. I quickly took out my hand held mirror from my bag and was shocked to see my gray hair now a lustrous black again! Thinking that this must be a trick or something, I seek to get out of the mystical garden. I slowly trace my way back and as I exited the maze, I find that my steps are becoming heavy again. I am glad to be back on familiar grounds.

4. Relieved and walking back home I think to myself "Did I just get rejuvenated and aged again as I leave the garden? Would I have given up my freedom for eternal youth? Well, I find that I am happy to be back come what may..."

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