Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Feeling out of sorts

I just had a blood test on Monday because I was feeling so tired and even fainted once recently. Actually the results showed that my glucose level was a bit on the high side though not warrant any medication yet. I should be more careful about my diet and more urgently at this moment is to do some exercise regularly. I have been unable to bring my weight down for some time now and it is worrying. I must schedule time now to do some walking at least.

In addition to that it seems that I had some viral infection that my immune system was fighting and that really took a lot of resources from my body that I was feeling tired easily. I am recuperating now and just feel out of sort some times. In times like these, certain small things gets me down. blog was rejected from a certain sponsor company. Anyway, I need to work harder from now on. Just feeling a little tired for now.

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