Sunday, April 13, 2008

Recognize Paypal Phishing Emails

Being that Paypal had just only allowed users out of USA to withdraw funds using credit cards and debit cards without a USA bank not so long ago in October 2007, this has really opened up many scammers out there to get your cash away from your paypal account. What I meant is those phishing emails that are sent to folks to scared or lured them into clicking on fraudulent link in order to steal the password or usernames from the victim. Check this blogger who has listed out 10 Steps to Recognize the Unsafe Paypal Emails and you can understand better what I mean by paypal scams or phishing emails. It can be scary but if we armed ourselves with knowledge and know how the scammers work, it can help prevent many heartaches and disappointments.

Granted that these scam emails are there even before 2007, still the efforts had been step up so to speak since there will be many more users of Paypal as an online payment processor because as a system it is rather safe and secure if we don't fall prey to the scammers by clicking on bad links. It is a popular online processor for purchases on eBay and other companies. There are many more great articles written on personal finance advice that you can read more about especially on loans, investments, online purchase and much more. I am sure that you will find it as informative as I have done so.

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