Saturday, May 24, 2008

What is your idea of a dull evening?

I am not sure why this topic sounds interesting for me to write about even. I mean my idea of a dull evening? Duh...ok, perhaps I am feeling kind of dull myself. My eczema outbreak, skin problem that is, almost made me too self conscious to leave home. In fact I just let myself be confine to my air conditioned bedroom! The temperature is just not showing any mercy to me outside either. When I sweat, I get into trouble. Itchy and bleeding skin. When I don't sweat, I get into trouble. Flaky and dry skin.

Back to my idea of a dull evening, sitting in front of the laptop and playing computer games. Not that there isn't blog work to do, just that sometimes I don't have the mood to do anything. There are forums to visit, meme to answer to or just visit other people's blogs but the mood thing gets in the way. I only chat with one person online which is my brother who is living abroad but he holds a full time secular job while I am just a full time housewife. So only get to meet him online at night and that too with the different time zone only for a short while.

Now another thing that I do is reading. I wouldn't by all means call reading an interesting novel a dull evening. I have spent nights without sleep just to finish a very engrossing novel. That is good entertainment for me. I dislike television and do not have one at home now. Sometimes I do watch a movie or two but not that much these days either. So have I really answered the question? Dull evening would be aimlessly sitting in front of the laptop with no particular purpose in mind except writing valueless rambling post like this...

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