Thursday, June 12, 2008

Hold Out Your Hand

Do we need the death of a loved one to remind us that we need and crave for a loving touch? Babies need it, children wants it and adults too can never get enough of it. Yes, the act of touching is a very useful and therapeutic action. Following the death of a spouse, many a bereaved widow laments that no one touches her anymore. Seldom if ever, do people complain that their spouse touched them too much through the years.

Begin now to build a large reservoir of "touching" memories to cherish in your golden years. Start right at the beginning of your marriage if possible to make it a habit or a point to hug and touch before retiring for the day. I mean those non sexual touches like extending of your hand across the dinner table and give your mate's hand a gentle squeeze. Intertwine your fingers as you walk down the street. The simple act of touching costs nothing and requires little effort yet pays big dividends if practiced faithfully. Your tender touch can convey love and a multitude of other positive emotions.

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