Sunday, July 06, 2008

Deep Breathing to Relieve Stress

Sometimes after a long day at work on the computer, I find myself really feeling stiff and tired. One of the reason is because of the lack of movement, shallow breathing has cause fatigue and tiredness. It lowers level of oxygen and raises levels of carbon monoxide in the blood. It also make the heart rate and blood pressure rise which is an added stress on the body.

I guess when the tension mounts, I need to do some deep breathing exercise. You can also give this a try. Put your feet flat on the floor and rest your hands in your lap. Begin to relax your body by dropping your shoulders and closing your eyes. Then take a deep breath through your nose, while slowly counting to four. Exhale through your mouth to a slow count of four. Do this four times. You should feel your body relaxing and your fatigue lifting.

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