Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Discount Wholesale Sunglasses

Many people find the sun too glaring when they are outdoors. It hurts the eyes and puts a constant frown on the forehead. The solution of course is to wear sunglasses. Besides it has been recommended by health care professionals that people wear these kind of glasses whenever outside to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation, which can lead to the development of a cataract.

There are many Discount Sunglasses in the market these days. For the retailers, they could get the wholesale discount sunglasses for as less as $1 per pair and sell them for $8 or more per pair. This affords the customers to purchase more than one pair at any given time. For the customers, these inexpensive sunglasses can be located at places like flea markets, souvenir shops, by the beach, street corners, malls and many other convenient stores.

Sunglasses have also been associated with celebrities and film actors primarily due to the desire to hide or mask their identity, but this may also be due in part to the fact that film lighting is typically stronger than natural light and uncomfortable to an unprotected eye. These days sunglasses has become a fashion statement as well. It is an accessory to form part and parcel of our daily grooming.

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