Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walk In Bathtubs for Safety and Convenience

Bathtubs are a nice and relaxing way to take a bath and also have their therapeutic uses. Bathtubs are made in a multitude of sizes, shapes, colors and configurations. Traditional free standing bathtubs are very simple fixtures designed to contain water, fit one or two people, and drain spent water into the sewer system. Bathtubs are either built into alcoves in the bathroom or are freestanding.

Soaking bathtubs don’t necessarily come with fancy whirlpool attachments and gizmos, but they do offer much more versatility, capacity, and function. Soaking Bathtubs are the simplest bathtub as they have no air or jet features. Soaking bathtubs tend to be much larger than your standard tubs, so measure the space you have and then see what options are available to you. Walk-in bathtubs are smaller and a bit deeper than conventional bathtubs.

Nevertheless, the elderly or incapacitated people often find bathtubs difficult to maneuver. The solution is walk-in bathtubs with doors. Bathtubs with doors were introduced in the US less than a decade ago, and public demand has increased exponentially since then. Some walk-in bathtubs have a built-in whirlpool jets that is very useful for old people. You will find these discount walk in bathtubs can dramatically enhance quality of life, and enable the elderly and mobility challenged to be independent.

These walk-in bathtubs are relatively easy to install, and come with complete instructions. These bathtubs take up very little space but are very deep so instead of lying down, you're sitting, which means that even though it is an extra small bathtub you still get the benefit of sitting in deep water. With the huge range of styles of different bathtubs on the market and bathtubs store these days there is almost certainly a small bathtub that will fit in your bathroom, no matter how small it is.

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