Thursday, October 30, 2008

Watch Treasured Moments of Football Memories On Web TV

Have you heard of the Carlsberg web-tv before? This is a digitally broadcast of video clips and shots of different moments of glory, interesting facts, defeats and other epic moments covering various aspects of football. As in any sports or games, there will be many treasured moments, some hilarious, others of disappointments and yet others of the rewards of hardwork earned. This recently launched football web-tv is also called There are actually 5 channels to cover classic football matches and also insight into the life of the football players.

Besides being a passive viewer, this site allows for interaction with fellow football fans. You can sign up as a member for free. As a member you can then create your profile, share videos, comment and rate on the existing videos, design your own profile shirt and much more. Other member benefits include receiving news and updates regularly and invitations to participate in ongoing competitions. So head over to the site and check out the latest videos there!

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