Thursday, February 05, 2009

Imagine Having Your Own Home In Arizona

It is true that weather in Arizona's desert regions is generally sunny, hot and arid. However, Arizona has some dramatic weather phenomenon that every Arizona vacationer and resident should know about. First, it's important to remember that weather in Arizona can be highly variable from region to region. Arizona is a state of diversity and incredible beauty. And here you will find some of the most amazing Arizona homes that you can imagine.

Arizona is hot during the summer season but it is not all hot statewide, because some parts of the state enjoy cooler temperatures during summer. Arizona is a harsh place to live, work or play if you are not in a controlled environment. There are countless ways to enjoy Arizona if you're armed with the knowledge of what to do and where to go to keep it cool. The Arizona weather is the perfect excuse for a family getaway.

When many people think of Arizona they think of cowboys, and sand dunes, and heat, and cacti. It may come as a surprise that Arizona actually has quite a varied topography, which includes low desert (Phoenix, Yuma), mid desert (Tucson, Wickenburg), high desert (Prescott, Payson, Bisbee, Sedona), plateau highlands (Williams, Page, Holbrook), and cold mountainous regions (Flagstaff, Greer).

Here are some additional interesting weather facts about Arizona. The highest elevation point in the State of Arizona is Humphreys Peak, northwest of Flagstaff, at 12,633 feet above sea level. The lowest elevation in Arizona is is the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, at 70 feet above sea level.

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