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Samurai Sudoku: A Different Challenge

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Do you want to use you leisure time but do not know how to spend it? You may be tired and used to conventional games you play. You are maybe fed up with the same old games you do during your leisure time. Maybe you are thinking about venturing to other games that is worth spending your valuable leisure time on.

If you are going to choose a game, make sure that the game you choose will not only give you enjoyment. Make sure that the game you will be choosing also exercises your brain and your logical thinking as well. Crossword puzzles may be boring as you may have always played with it every single day of your life. Why not try to indulge into more productive games available. If you do not know what to try, this article will give you the best puzzle game available today. Continue reading and learn more about sudoku and its very famous kind.

What is sudoku and how are you going to play with it?

Sudoku is a puzzle games that most of the people go crazy over. It is the newest craze when it comes to puzzles games. In sudoku, you will only have to finish the goal which is to complete the puzzle. You will use only numbers from 1 to 9 by filling it up to the blank spaces on the box provided. The game is preloaded with several numbers and your job will be to supply the missing number on the box provided. The game is composed of columns and rows. You will be matching the numbers to each other to perfect the game.

You can spend only almost 10 to 30 minutes of your time on playing the games. It sometimes depends on the intensity level and the expertise of the player. There are 6 levels available for sudoku. It is the light, easy, moderate hard, difficult and very difficult. It is better if you start over the easiest one so you will add level each time you finish one. And once you finish all it, you can try doing other kinds of sudoku.

The funny thing about it is that although it is consist of number, you do not have to be an expert in number to solve it. It does not require mathematical skills even if it is played using numbers. You will not be using methodical solutions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You do not need to be a mathematical wizard to be able to play with the game. All you need is a logical mind and a powerful reasoning power. You also need to have range of methods and tactics to be able to finish the games.

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There are several variations of sudoku. And with these different variations, you can choose which one will be the best game puzzle to make you enjoy. There is this particular type that is difficult but enjoyable to play with. It is called Samurai sudoku.

The most famous kind is the samurai sudoku which is another variation of sudoku. Samurai sudoku is made popular by Times Newspaper. The mode of playing the games is the same as the conventional one but the only difference is that; samurai sudoku is consisting of five sudokus. They are linked to one another forming one puzzle game. You need to be an expert to sudoku if you want to perfect it.

It is based on Japanese type of crossword that requires logical thinking and only that. Aside from giving your brain a tiny twist you can exercise your logical thinking as well. You can energize your neurons to think faster by playing with samurai sudoku.

Finding it is never a difficulty, you can try logging on to some websites to find printable samurai sudoku. You only have to choose which website is the best source of samurai sudoku. Search engine can be a good help to your search. Magazines, newspapers and other reading materials are also the best source of samurai sudoku. They best part of it is that ii is free. You do not have top spend money to play with it. Enjoy playing with sudoku and have the most enjoyable time in your office break.

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