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The Ultimate Sudoku Electronic game for you

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In the past two decades, electronic games are already in every household in the United States alone where statistics from other countries are not yet determined. Electronic games amounts to million of dollars spent in buying those gadgets just to satisfy the growing popularity, especially to kids and even to adults. Electronic games can result to a game addiction without considering the time and amount of money it will cost you.

So why try playing sudoku? You’re probably expecting that it was made in Japan as people all know that this country is very advanced in computers and robotics. Electronic games in Japan are very common as you will be surprised that it can be made by their younger generation. So, you will declare that it’s just the same from other games. Why do you even have to try playing it?

Sudoku, most people indicate that it originated in Japan as the name suggests when the only thing Japanese about it is the word sudoku. For the record, it was both circulating in Japanese and American magazines early in the 1980’s and enjoyed modest success. When the time it was very popular, almost all who came across of this number puzzle were driven to a puzzle-crazy status.

However, with so many publishers and creators publicly admitting that they were the one who created the game, there were no supporting evidences that they can produce. To make the matter even more complicated, according to urban stories it was created by a group of puzzle creators from New York, while in another version, it credits a certain person named Howard Gerns, a puzzle enthusiast, as the true father of modern day sudoku. As years goes by, with the advancement of technology, the game sudoku finally penetrated the electronics world. For it was known, the game can really be handy in providing the brain with utmost quickness in how to solve the very demanding game of numbers.


Sudoku, also known as number place, is a logic-based placement puzzle. The main objective of the puzzle is to place a numerical digit ranging from 1 to 9 only in a cell of 9x9 grids that is made up of 3x3 subgrids or regions. For you to start playing sudoku, digits will be given to you in some grids and subgrids and are called “givens”. However, in putting your preferred numerals, each row, column, and region must contain the numerals 1-9 only once. The ultimate goal is to fill all the empty cells, provided by some givens.

Solutions in playing

The strategy in solving the puzzle can be a combination of the three processes: scanning, marking up, and analyzing.

• Scanning- is performed at the start and throughout the solution. It’s better performed one time in between periods. Scanning of rows or columns to pick which line in a targeted region may contain a number by eliminating. The process is repeated in the columns or rows. This is where you will be counting from 1-9 in columns, rows, and regions to identify missing numbers. Counting based by last numeral discovered can eventually quicken the search.

• Marking Up- you can start this kind of solution if scanning was stopped and when no numbers can be discovered. This will engage in logical thinking. Many players may find it very useful in analyzing by marking the candidate numerals in empty cells. The disadvantage of this is when numerals are written only within the bound of a newspaper or a magazine, usually are too small to accommodate more candidate numerals. For if you got an electronic Sudoku game board, there are lots of option in putting the candidate numbers as well as you’re using a light pen or pointer in entering your preferred number.

• Analysis- two approaches can be made and these are: “candidate elimination” and “what if”. In candidate elimination, solution can done by successively eliminating candidate numbers from one or more empty cell in order to leave just a one choice. In “what if” approach, a cell with only two candidate digits is picked and a guess is made.

So, you’re now ready to play sudoku. It can be so much fun in challenging your brain in logic reasoning and thinking. The only thing left to do is buy your electronic sudoku game board and start playing this fun and exciting puzzle.

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