Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fun Freestyle Frisbee

There are many types of activities one can do with a Frisbee and one of them is Freestyle Frisbee. What is it all about?

Many players around the globe are captivated with this type of Frisbee activity. Players usually watch with awe as the discs hover and take flight with the wind. There are also different moves that you can use when playing freestyle Frisbee. Just as the word ‘freestyle’ suggests, you can do whatever move like spins, brushes, rolls, tips, catches, and trick throws. Its popularity is continuously increasing over the years and it is ‘highly contagious’. If you’ve tried playing this sport, you will surely be thirsty for more games.

Set rules are not implemented so that the players can create their own personalized moves. Most freestyle Frisbee players are able to develop their very own playing styles which sets them apart form other players. Most players simply flow with the Frisbee disc and hardly think about their moves; that’s why they enjoy so much during the game.

There are already freestyle Frisbee competitions. Each game consists of several with 2-3 players and they will perform for 4-5 minutes. Routine music is played as each of the players shows their unique moves. Judges will base the scores on the movement styles and their technical difficulty.

Large events have already taken place like the World Disc Games last July 2008 in Santa Cruz California, FPC World Championships last July to August 2008 in Bologna Italy, European Freestyle Championships or EFC last August 2008 in Czech Republic, and Italian Open.

You have to know some techniques in order to play freestyle Frisbee effectively. Keep in mind that you can’t spin the Frisbee disc using your fingers because you can only spin it using your finger nails. Before you start playing the game, you should have your own Frisbee disc so that you can practice anytime and of course, you will also need a lubricant like silicon spray. The spray will keep the disc’s surface slick. Try to do some experiments like making trick throws, catches, and spins.

So where can you start playing the game? Freestyle Frisbee is very popular in Europe and North America. Most of the players come from Seattle, Los Angeles, San Diego, New York, San Francisco, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Tokyo. If you can find players in your neighborhood, you can also join them so that you can practice some moves with them.

In Europe alone, freestyle Frisbee is definitely becoming more and more popular. Events also keep on rising every year so you can expect that more people will be into the sport.

The word ‘freestyle’ is probably the best word that describes the sport. It pertains to physical action which encompasses lifestyle. Many players of the game consider freestyle Frisbee as a philosophy. Creative movements can be developed by the players and so they can define their play. They are able to express themselves better through the moves they make. Some of the terms used when playing the sport are catch, combination, competitors, co-op, delay, move, movement momentum, take-in, and throw.

Know more about the game so that you can also learn to play it. You don’t have to play like the pros because as long as you have your own unique style, you can go a long way. Freestyle Frisbee is a very creative and active game; get into the game today.

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