Friday, February 26, 2010

Secure Your Network And Email Server

Networking is all about sharing programs and is highly important in a company's computer system. Nowadays, hackers can easily access these networks due to broader availability and inexpensive broadband connections, such as DSL and cable. That is why companies should have network security software.

Network security software is used to protect sensitive data and information on your company's system. It also works wonders in securing your system, and ensures that it functions effectively and at maximum capacity. The network security software scanner is used to check your computer system for possible security vulnerabilities by scanning the entire network for missing security areas, service packs, open shares, open ports and user accounts that are unused. When this software detects all this information, you can lock down your computer system against intruders and hackers.

You have probably heard of antimalware software- it sits on your computer and protects the system against software attacks. However, a security appliance takes such protection orders of magnitude further. With a security appliance, the protective software lives on its own piece of hardware. This has several benefits. For example, all your own equipment is freed up to run your business, dedicated machinery cannot itself be compromised - it is designed to do one job alone; maintenance costs are low, as problems are easier to diagnose, and a security appliance will take care of spam and viral threats, leaving you to get on with running your business.

Another concern may be your email server security. A mail server is a standard computer whose dedicated job is to distribute emails into and out of your company. Consider it rather like an electronic mailroom. As with a real mailroom, in small companies an existing PC can be used to manage mail. Larger companies require dedicated computer hardware to distribute and store emails.

A secure email server seamlessly integrates the best of what you need from an email server: elimination of spam, conversion of accounts, management and organization of inboxes and folders, virus and pop-up supports, sharing of mail contents, and for those who can afford expensive products, the ability to access their accounts from remote web connections such as PDAs, Outlook, and even cell phones that support WAP connection. The most valuable factors are that it provides security and protection for your transactions.
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