Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sun, Sea, Breeze - Have A Memorable Vacation To The Carribean Islands

A typical vacation to the all inclusive Caribbean islands conveys a stereo typed idea of an exotic land remembered by images of blue sunny skies, Havana Cigars, carnivals, voodoo magic and palm trees. One of the most striking and amazing things about the Caribbean region is its diversity and cultural specialty. Every island is unique and every region is special with contrasting landscapes, ecosystems, ethnicities, and foods. Breezes Resorts can give a fantastic super inclusive deal to cater to all your vacation needs.

Every Caribbean island has some thing of its own to offer to travelers! If you're looking for that special, erotic swinging nightlife, peaceful tranquility, golfing, diving, sailing, gambling or camping, some are found on a few islands while in others you do not find them. In total, the Caribbean islands are about 90,000 square miles of landmass of small islets, half of it hilly or mountainous and the other half flat land. Most of them are a great scenic combination of the water and earth, circled by sandy beaches, blue lagoons and pristine coves.

The Islands of the Bahamas have some major destination or tourist spots, which offer a traveler a unique vacation experience. The island offers varied types of vacations, like romantic, adventure, eco-tourism or underwater exploration. Tourists can enjoy experiences ranging from swimming with the dolphins in Nassau or Grand Bahama Island to challenging bonefish in Andros or Exuma, or doing sport fishing in Bimini and Abaco.

The Bahamas is reported to have some of the best beaches in the world, and a visitor can choose from a plethora of water sports or enjoy the solitude of a beach on a remote island. The all inclusive Bahamas offer a diverse variety of eco-tourism activities, and have a marine territory of about 100,000 square miles. In fact, the island encompasses almost 5% of the world's coral reefs, and also has a huge population of whales and dolphins. In addition to the diverse marine life, the islands are also rich in terrestrial flora and fauna, which makes it a perfect place for eco-tourism.

Latin America's party-loving spirit is famous the world over and the continent offers some of the best fiestas, festivals and spectacles in the world. This is especially the case in Brazil, where barely a week goes by without a celebration. Coincide your all inclusive Brazil vacation with one of the festive carnivals and you'll be sure to take some lasting Brazil travel memories home with you.

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