Saturday, December 29, 2012

Follow Friday Fill In - Week 92


1. Without fail, whenever I fly I will SING. applause

2. I used to be an extrovert but I am having less and less energy to socialize with friends.crying

3. When I work at my desk I almost always need my coffee cup beside me. coffee

4. My greatest fear is the cockroach. bugskull


  1. Trying to imagine your no. 1: Sitting next to you on a plane, you are singing... LOL. I used to also have a cuppa of coffee on my desk with me, but at one time I decided I was having too much and didn't enjoy i.e. taste it anymore, just slurp away. So, I started drinking tea and then water. These days I really enjoy my one or two cups of coffee in the morning or an espresso after dinner at a restaurant. Really just to enjoy :)