Sunday, January 13, 2013

Follow Friday Fill In - Week 94


1. When I read a good I be oblivious to my surroundings. hypnotized

2. It is pretty funny that I once wanted to be an architect but I do not like designing of anything. Not buildings, fashion, etc.    I don't really have those creative bone in me.  nerdrolling eyes

3. It may be strange but I don't own a Tv. I mean with the internet these days... I don't want to see

4. How kids scream and yell made me go bonkers! (job related)at wits' end


  1. It is easy to lose yourself in a good book

  2. I haven't lost myself in a good book in a long time. Not that I haven't read pestering kids just make it difficult to "Get lost": they always find me! LOL

    1. I can understand that. Kids are not something one can be 'oblivious' to for sure. :)