Thursday, December 21, 2006

Bollywood Fashion

Besides the movies, another thing that captivated my heart and yes, eyes are the very, very beautiful sarees and suits from Bollywood. The colours and sequins are so alluring!

According to a fashion catalogue, this suit here is called Hot Pink Pure Georgette Choli Suit. Though I may not not have the body shape to carry that off to such a gorgeous post, I can just imagine the brilliance of this suit at a formal wedding reception dinner or any of such former gatherings.

I am no fashion editor nor writer but I just want to share some of my passion for Bollywood fashion here. Nevertheless, the next ones called Salwar Kameez Suits are indeed what I wear in real life these days. Depending on the type of material and print, these Salwar Kameez Suits can be worn elegantly for formal occassions and with dignity even for the not so formal outings. These days, Bollywood is experimenting with the length of the "blouse" or Kameez. And Bollywood is also trying something new with the Salwar or "pants" of the suits.

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