Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My car was stolen :-(

***This account is related in the first person by Serena-blog owner.
About 5 days ago, my car, Proton Iswara WKA 3117 of about 5 year old was stolen. Yeah, right inside the apartment compound. When my husband first went to the carpark and couldn't find the car, his first thought was, "Hey, did I park the car somewhere else?" Then realization dawned on him that the car is missing, gone, zilch--STOLEN! Then he came back to the apartment and calmly informed me. "Darling, I think you know what has happened..." And yes, he was right. My first guessed hit the nail on its head. The car is gone. I was a little shocked and jolted literally from bed. So we gathered our thoughts for a while on what to do next.

We need to make a police report about missing car suspected of being stolen- well, that is what the report said later. Then we need to inform the insurance company. That took up almost half the day.

However, it was the reaction from friends and family that made the whole incident err...interesting though. Some were sad, shocked, experienced (as in saying calmly that the insurance will recover the loss), and there are also others that laughed (though not cynically) and pity as well.

As for me, well I now ride as a pillion rider on hubby's motorbike (photo included). Kind of enjoy the rides so far albeit the aches and pains of not being used to bike riding. My tuition classes need to be put
on hold though...

Ah well...part of life!

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