Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bang the Gong

Photo courtesy of Nostalgic Images
Onesome: Bang--ing your head against the wall? What haven't you been able to get to this week that you really wanted to? ...any hope for next week?

I am moving to another apartment. So getting things packed and ready to go...or supposedly so.

Twosome: the-- other side of the coin: What have you seen this week that was just really so cool/neat/tight/pick your own buzzword that you just had to describe it to someone?

Cool-getting to know folks through the Wordless Wednesday meme. There are lots of them who had great pictures and many conversations going on.

Threesome: Gong-- Okay, do you have one of those cute little gongs in your house? ...or a larger one in your garden? Just askin'...

None. No gongs big or small nor wind chimes in my house.

This meme is taken from The Back Porch


  1. do have a very nice picture of a gong! Good luck with the move!