Friday, October 12, 2007

Moving house this weekend

I wonder why some folks (like myself) like to read what is happening daily in other people's lives? I mean this whole thing has mushroom all over the blogosphere where folks are musing, ranting and raving about what happens to their lives and in their lives. For that matter about their pets and plants as well. Not that I am complaining here because I enjoy meeting and chatting with folks through their blogs too. call me - New!
Typing smiley Err...well, anyway this weekend I will be getting ready to move into another apartment. And things are rather unsettled now, of course but hope to get back into the normal routine again before the end of next week.

Ah, and how can a journey through one's life be "exciting" without a photo or two eh? More to come as the moving process progresses... hee hee

Ok, can't resist putting another favourite place that I go swimming often. A private pool at my parent's condominium.