Thursday, January 03, 2008

Power Thoughts

In my reading, I have come across some interesting points that I would like to share with you folks.

You can have everything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.

This is a popular quotation from famous author Zig Ziglar. I read some of his books and he is a good and sensible author. I find that his quotation here is especially useful to bloggers
whereby the interchange of experiences, knowledge, skills and talents are the ultimate resources one can have. If we are generous in the area of sharing, we will win the audiences’ return and participation.

2. When the going gets tough-laugh.

I think this thought explains itself. Laughter is not only the best medicine there is, it relieves stress without the side effects. It reduces tension and the tense situation.

3. Don't miss the best things in life.

4. Fix the problem, not the blame.

This is the same as saying, attack the problem and not the person. We can have the attitude that when a problem arises in a relationship, there is usually no winner in the situation. If both parties worked at resolving the issues, then both wins.

5. Share the credit.

6. Treasure time like gold.

Hmm...indeed many felt that 2007 just whizzed past us quickly. So cherish and live in 2008. This is more like a reminder to myself.

7. Never judge reality by your limited experiences.

This is something that I learned the hard way. Nevertheless, it is never too late to open our minds to new things. Being part of the blogosphere and a blogger that needs to "socialized" through networking, I have met many wonderful folks and I read of their challenges and things that they faced and this in turn helped me to be more empathetic and sympathetic as a person.

8. Success without conflict is unrealistic.

9. Make sure your dreams are big enough for God to fit in.

In other words, have God in your considerations and decision making.

10. Never let a problem become an excuse.

This is certainly something that I need. Sometimes it is easier to give excuses than to work harder to achieve a goal. Combine this with #8, we can have better success at achieving worthwhile goals. Hahaha...probably something that I need to work at with my goal of losing weight!

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