Friday, February 15, 2008

Clotheshound Edition

1. Do you have to dress for work? If so, what is your “uniform”?
No, I don't have to dress for work. I work from home now.

2. How would you describe your style when dressing for yourself, rather than work?
I like loose fitting clothes. I only wear Punjabi suits for going out now.

3. I have noticed that there seem to be two kinds of dressers in the winter months. Those who love turtlenecks and those that abhor them! Which are you?!
Neither because there are no four seasons in Malaysia. Nevertheless, I think I would love turtlenecks. I can put a scarf even on sunny days so I would not mind covering my neck if it is cold.

4. It’s lounging time on the couch in the evening. What are you wearing?
T-shirt and shorts for sure.

5. Describe your favorite “feel good” outfit!
I don't quite know how to describe it. Let me show it instead. It is also a Punjabi suit. The trimmings and pattern of the neckline are shown in the photo on the left.

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