Friday, February 08, 2008

The Piano Man

I used to play the piano when I was a kid. I fondly remembered playing some simple duet pieces with my sister and we really enjoyed ourselves. That was a really nice time we had. Alas, neither one of us took up any career nor further studies along the musical line. I also recalled how enchanted I was to attend a piano and organ concert. It was like being transported into another world altogether. Whether the music is bringing you to exotic India, rich and melodious Europe or the fun and festive South American, the music are really enjoyable. With some organs and digital pianos, they can even mimic the ocean waves, train whistles, birds chirping and many other pleasant sounds.

Since I am living in an apartment, a really small apartment, perhaps the portable keyboards is a more practical choice than a full grand piano. At The Piano Man store, founded in 1993, you can find the complete and comprehensive range of grand pianos, digital pianos, organs, keyboards and accompaniments in the Boston area. They have a large and wide variety of new, used and vintage models for you to choose from.

What about the services such as tuning, repairing, servicing and other related services? The Piano Man is all about dedication and committed to after sales services. They offer long term support, training and consultation to enable you to enjoy your instrument for years to come. If you are thinking about taking lessons from scratch or to brush up your skills, there are also very experienced and professional music teachers at The Piano Man. Taking music lessons is a find way to expand a child's creativity. As I have enjoyed being in my strange and exotic worlds as a kid, music can thus transport you to faraway places in a safe and pleasurable journey.

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